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Greenstem is a software company provides various software services to customers including Web application, mobile apps, and desktop software, which includes Accounting and Inventory control.

Greenstem serves as a reliable business partner to our respective clients to ensure their projected goals and expectations are met. With our growing expertise and experienced team we believed in providing high level of customers’ satisfaction for mutual benefit and better relationships.

Greenstem business philosophy is to provide the best service catering to the ultimate needs of our customers. We provide adequate training for our customers and follow-up with regular after-sales service monitoring closely on the use of the system by our customers. Greenstem is fully committed to developing, innovating, collaborating and integrating new technologies as part of its provision of business solution while continuously enhancing its business application to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Why Greenplus?

  • Excellent Customer Support

  • System in Mobile & Tablets

  • Customized Reports

  • Barcode Printing

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Greenplus Brochure

A banner about Greenstem's Spare Parts Management & Accounting System.

Spare Parts System

An accounting software designed specifically for spare parts to improve efficiency and productivity.
Module Available
General Ledger
Account Receivable
Account Payable
Stock System
Purchase Order
Sales Order
Email Statement
Stock Claim
Bill of Material
Invoice Entry - billing to customer, customer ledger, quotation and sales or delivery order.
Billing to customer
Show issue personal, date and time
Information from quotation, sales order or delivery order
Display stock information
Customer Ledger can view over here
Inventory - Goods Received, stock movement for the item and support excel import or export.
Stock information with latest goods received unit cost, GST inclusive/exclusive, date and quantity received
Supplier cost detail with date, quantity, unit cost, currency and GST
Shows stock movement for the item, refer 'Transaction Detail'
Excel file import / export
Transaction Detail Analysis - stock cost, total in and out quantity for the selected period.
Stock Quantity and Cost
Sales Order and Purchase Order back order quantity
Detail of transaction to display
Total In / Out quantity for the selected period
Stock price list - for user with more than 6 types of selling price
Sales Order System - check stock information, sales history and send sales order to office via app.
Check stock information, price, picture , online quantity
Sales history with date, customer name, quantity, unit price
Issue sales order off line, send to office when internet available
Print sales order in office to pick up
Issue D/O or Invoice in office by extract data from sales order
Stock Enquiry - can search stock and display its quantity, selling price and brand.
Search item with combination of stock code, description, brand, model, oem no, interchangeno, etc.
Show interchange, superseded number, other car model using this stock
Pictures of the stock
Show stock quantity, selling price, brand
Multiple button for more information

WorkShop System

Workshop Management System - improve efficiency and accurately master company operations.
Module Available
Service Record
Stock Control
Full Set Account(Optional)
Workshop Invoice Entry - billing to customer and can show in charge, issue personal, datetime.
Billing to customer, with car registration number and model
Option to key in current mileage and next service mileage and date
Show mechanic in charge, issue personal, date and time
Display stock information
Vehicle Service Record - Ability to track service vehicles and their detailed records.
Keep track of service records by car number
Also show next service mileage
Range by date and view by document number
Vehicle Register - Setup registration for each vehicle its information and next service mileage.
Setup registration for each vehicle
Record of vehicle number, model, engine number and chasis number
Also show next service mileage for this vehicle
Any remarks made for this vehicle, can be seen here
* Print Bill / Statement / Ageing
* Keep track of Sevice Records for each vehicle
* Mechanics' service record
* Daily profit on each bill
* Keep track of stock purchase cost
* Keep track of stock balance and in / out movement
* Mechanics' commission calculated on sales amount
* Remainder letter for service

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