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System in
Mobile & Tablet

Our system is versatile, running seamlessly on both mobile phones and PC for convenient access and managemnet across devices

Customer Supprort

Experience top-notch after-sales service with our dedicated customer support, ensuring prompt assistance and satisfaction.


Tailor insights with our customized reports for a personalized view of your spare part management.


Effortlessly print and manage barcodes, streamlining inventory control for efficient spare part tracking


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Spare Parts Companies

Choose Greenstem for unparalleled software solutions that elevate your business. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, innovative approach, and a seasoned team set us apart. Partner with us for excellence and drive your success forward.

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Discover success with Greenstem's dedicated team. We specialize in web, mobile, and desktop solutions, providing tailored services and unwavering commitment to your business goals.
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Elevate your business with Greenstem's certified professionals. Specializing in web, mobile, and desktop solutions, our dedicated team ensures top-tier services tailored to your needs.
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Rely on Greenstem's seasoned support team for a seamless experience. With a wealth of expertise, we guarantee dedicated assistance to enhance your journey with our web, mobile, and desktop solutions.

Spare Parts Management &
Accounting System


Tailored for spare parts companies, our specialized system aims to boost efficiency and productivity in your operations.


Workshop Management System


Optimize operations, allocate resources efficiently, and boost productivity with our tailored workshop management solution.

How We Work ?

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Unveiling Our After-Sales Service Advantages


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Call In & Email Support


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Internet Remote Support


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Our Amazing Project
That Has Been Completed

Embark on a visual journey showcasing the excellence and innovation of our recently completed projects.

Let's See What Our Clients Say

“Greenstem's software streamlines operations, improving stock management and financial reporting. It enhances productivity across sales, inventory, and accounts, with reliable after-sales support for uninterrupted operations.“
N.E.S OIL SEAL SDN.BHD “Since 2000, Greenstem Software efficiently manages our extensive inventory, streamlining sales and facilitating comprehensive financial management. Highly recommend their reliable and evolving software.“
S.K. AUTO PARTS SDN.BHD “Highly recommend Greenstem Software! For two decades, their system efficiently manages our sales, inventory, and accounts, saving time with reliable reporting for analysis, audit, and tax submissions. Greenstem consistently upgrades to meet our evolving needs and embrace the latest technology.“
SINOTEK AUTOPARTS SDN BHD (MALAYSIA) “ Greenstem's software streamlines our operations, optimizing stock management and financial reporting. It enhances productivity, saving time across sales, inventory, and accounts, with reliable after-sales support for uninterrupted operations“
SYARIKAT HAWK SOON HIN SDN.BHD “Since 2002, Greenstem's Greenplus Accounting system has ensured smooth sales, inventory, and accounting processes. It prevents stock issues, enhances productivity, and swiftly adapts to government implementations like GST. Highly recommend for reliability and effectiveness.“
S.J. AUTO PARTS SDN.BHD “Since 1996, Greenstem Software's crucial support and continuous upgrades enhance our operations, aiding sales and accounts. Highly recommend for efficient stock management, cash flow, and productivity gains.“

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